Maid Service Downey CA

We don’t want people to feel confused by what would fall under our maid service and what would fall under our housekeeping services. We’ve created two pages because we do feel that there are different things that we want to talk about. In essence, though with every service that we provide what happens is that you let us know what you are looking for. From there, we are going to make an effort to craft a unique service that fits your particular. We are not a fast food joint where you can only pick from the 10 or 12 options that are on the menu.

woman fixing the bed

What Is Part of Our Maid Service

Overall cleaning is certainly part of our maid services. These, though are a little more focused on helping you with things around the house like doing your laundry and even some cooking if you need us to. We want to make sure that our services are not overly rigid. There are probably plenty of things that could come up during the time that we are on your property. We don’t want to be like this is not included in the package of whatever it may be.

We Charge An Hourly

We typically charge an hourly rate, and we talk about this because it fits in perfectly with what we are just mentioning. We do this because we want to make sure that we are able to help you with a variety of things while we are there. Of course, there are going to be boundaries over instances that we can’t help you in. Those certainly will be clear from the start. For the most part though, our maid services are geared towards helping you with everyday needs. Whereas our housekeeping services are more focused on just cleaning and getting everything to how it should look.    

Will I Always Be Getting The Same Maid?

We talk about this in our housekeeping services as well. We usually want to pair up our team members with the same client over time. That is usually more important in our maid services than practically in any other service that we provide. Therefore, this is certainly something that we are going to try to do. That being said, if your regular maid has a sick day or is on vacation, we’ll be sure to send another one of our maids to cover the shift. You’ll never have to deal with sick days.

Office Cleaning 

Most of the examples that we’ve used throughout the site are common residential situations if you will. That doesn’t mean though that we can offer our services to businesses. We do offer office cleaning services. These can be provided by one of our maids. We can also send a fully housekeeping crew to provide these services to a larger area. You are not going to have to worry about sick days, as we just mentioned. Also as a business, you are not going to have to deal with more employees on the payroll.