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If you want to keep your home or business clean, but you just don’t have the time to do it on your own, you’re in the right place. At Los Angeles Clean & Fresh, we are a company that is built to handle all sorts of cleaning needs. We can be your one-stop-shop for everyday cleaning services as well as the people you call in not so regular instances.
Like having a need to clean your carpet or your car. All of this is done with top of the line equipment with a fully professional team of cleaners.

About Us

Here in Los Angeles, finding a maid service was not exactly that hard. Usually, though, you would have to contact a maid directly. While there were some great maids in Los Angeles, there were also some that took advantage of people letting them into their homes. We found though that people were looking for someone they could trust, and then we went a step further and expanded our offering, adding professional carpet cleaning and other services. We are essentially a product of the time that we started. Yet, we’ve tried to innovate and establish new ways to help you clean your property effectively.

Residential services

As we’ve mentioned, you can expect to hire a maid from us and get cleaning services in Santa Monica and also cleaning services in West Hollywood and other neighboring areas. If you want to have your carpets or your furniture professionally cleaned we can help you with that too. For these services, we usually send out a specialized team to be able to handle the service accordingly. That’s not to say that our maids are not professional, they just handle a different type of cleaning service.

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Our housekeeping services are geared more towards the everyday chores that are needed around the house. Think of it like in a hotel. The housekeeping service handles making the bed, getting you new towels, and cleaning toilets. That’s pretty much what you are going to be getting from us in these services. We want to make this distinction because we are going to talk about maids in a bit, and we want to make sure that the difference between the services is clear.

Carpet Cleaning

You may not need carpet cleaning services as often as you would maybe some of the other services that we offer. We provide daily cleaning services. We can tell you first hand that vacuuming is not going to give you the same results that a proper carpet cleaning service could. Especially when it comes to removing stains and other types of situations that a carpet could need. We are going to be able to clean carpets made from a wide variety of fabrics, we also handle area rug cleaning. To ensure that you are going to be walking through truly clean surfaces.

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Furniture Cleaning

Cleaning furniture like carpets is something that has to be done with extreme care. You need to know exactly how you can clean the particular fabric that the furniture set is made from. If you don’t have that down you could be doing more harm than good. That’s why this is not a service that we can just jump right into. We like to know what the current state of the couch or the chairs is. That way we’ll be able to set up a cleaning strategy that we know will be effective. While not harming the furniture at all!

Rug Cleaning

Rug and carpet cleaning can be a bit similar at times and completely different. With area rug cleaning we may just treat the rug more like a carpet. In any way what we are usually going to be using is a low moisture method. We know that a lot of people just want to take a hose and water down their rugs. You can do that with car rugs, but sooner rather than later the ones made out of fabric are going to be pretty stiff. That’s what you want to avoid in your home or business. We can certainly help you get that done!

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Window Cleaning

Windows can’t be cleaned in the same manner that we clean virtually any other part of the house. We have a special solution that we use to clean windows that has proven effective for us for years. In our maid service, we can certainly include window cleaning. We also offer more extensive window cleaning services to be able to reach all of those high windows. To do this we also bring in our team of cleaning experts.

Maid Service

Our maid service can be geared a little bit more towards specific things that you may need around the house. Not all of the things that we are going to be able to provide would directly involve cleaning. We can help you wash and dry clothes for example, as well as cook in some instances. Let us know what you happen to be looking for and we can essentially craft the perfect service for you.

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House Cleaning

Whether you need a single house cleaning or are looking for recurring cleaning services, Los Angeles Clean & Fresh can accommodate your cleaning needs. Give us a call today and we will send out a team of cleaners that will clean every inch of your house to pristine like-new conditions. From windows to floors, countertops, the bathroom, and kitchen; we will make sure everything is sparkling when we leave!

Janitorial Services, Commercial & Office Cleaning Services

If your building, office, or business needs a professional commercial cleaning service then we can provide that for you. Los Angeles Clean & Fresh will provide you with the best janitorial and commercial cleaning services available in your area. We are proud to be a leader in janitorial services in Southern California encompassing Los Angeles and Orange County. Contact us today to organize a free estimate on your cleaning service.

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