Carpet Cleaning Downey CA

Not all carpets are going to be exactly the same. It’s very important to us that we can recognize this and find the best way to be able to deal with the particular carpet. Also, there are some myths about carpet cleaning that we are going to be looking to address on this page. That way you can feel 100% comfortable, giving us a call and asking about our services. There are certainly plenty of benefits to cleaning your carpets. Many of the benefits go beyond just having a stain removed and making sure that the area looks nice.

cleaning carpet using vacuum cleaner

How We Clean Carpets  

First off we want to know exactly what type of carpet we are dealing with. Thicker carpets, for example, could take a lot longer to dry. That’s something that we are going to want to account for before we start. We are usually going to be cleaning carpets through a steam cleaning procedure. This is going to allow us to penetrate deep into the carpet and remove all sorts of dirt and debris, as well as most stains. We want to make sure that we are using low moisture levels in our cleaning methods. That way, the carpet is going to dry out quicker and it’s generally going to be better off.

Stain Removal 

Often people are looking into cleaning their carpets because of that one pesky stain that they were just unable to remove with any type of cleaning method. As we mentioned, most of the stains that we come across could be removed through our regular cleaning methods. Thanks to the fact that we are going to be able to penetrate deep into the fabric. That doesn’t mean that some stains won’t need a little extra work. When that’s the case we have the perfect solutions to these types of situations!

Will Maid or Housekeeping Services Include Carpet Cleaning? 

No, we usually handle these services separately. What we can do is give you a great deal on our carpet cleaning or even furniture cleaning services if you are a recurring client of our maid or housekeeping services. If you want to have a regular carpet cleaning service included in sort of a recurring deal with us, there is a good chance that we can set that up. We don’t like to be too rigid about the way that we handle most services. Give us a call and we’ll see what we can do!

How Often Should I Be Getting My Carpets Cleaned?

Some people have the fear that if they clean their carpets too often, that is going to ruin the carpet. This can be a reasonable fear, especially if you are using cleaning methods that put a lot of strain on the carpet. With the methods that we use though you are going to be ok. It’s not like we are going to be deep cleaning your carpets on a daily basis. Doing so on a monthly basis or even a bi-weekly basis is ok. You could even wait more than that if you wanted to.